Quebec is a weird place. While much of Canada enjoys the stereotype of being our “nice neighbors to the north,” Quebec exists on a strange boundary between Europe and backcountry America. One can enjoy a crepe and a cigarette in the peaceful city of Montreal, then drive two hours north to be shot at by a French-speaking toothless man named Pier-Luc. Again, it’s a weird place.

Given this, the Québécois are capable of the specific kinds of reckless behavior that can usually only be found in the United States. I submit this video as evidence:

Speed boat deliberately runs into pontoon boat
byu/Luststising inPublicFreakout

The video shows a speedboat barreling toward a pontoon, as those on the pontoon both yell in French and say “Holy f***!” over and over.

According to QCNA, this occurred on La Rivière Blanche, and the speedboat’s hitting of the pontoon was deliberate. “Due to the collision, one passenger suffered bodily injuries and the victim’s boat was declared a total loss,” reads the QCNA.

Why did these crazy Canucks do it? It’s uncertain, though the two dudes at the helm of the speedboat, Maxime Crépeau and Philip Van Dieren, have each been charged with a variety of crimes.

On a separate Reddit post about the incident, a user posted a photo of the French Canadian police towing the boys’ boat away. Salut, boys!

And just in case you had any inkling that the speedboaters were good people caught in a bad situation, one of the charges brought against Van Dieren was for violating his parole. Why was he on parole? Well, in 2020, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison after sexually assaulting a friend while she slept. In conclusion, not a great guy.

So if you’re planning to boat any time soon, please, watch where you’re going. If you don’t, you might end up totaling a French-Canadian’s pontoon boat — or sitting in a stranger’s living room.