New product puts the "X" to gatekeeping, pretentious bartenders.

Bye bye, douchey beer bars. Hopsy is a way to poor tap beer in your own house. It'll be a real relief to get wasted on some high-ABV beauties without having to socialize or invite friends to do things.

It works almost like a Keurig, except instead of making bitter, non-alcoholic coffee it produces bitter, alcoholic BEER MOTHAF***A.

The beer itself is packed into canisters by local brewers. The canisters can stay carbonated for up to two weeks, but it's not like we'll be needing that feature in my household. WE'RE ALCOHOLICS.


Check out the damn thing in action, below. 

You might be thinking "how could a person like me own something neat like that?"

Click the image above to order the Hopsy on Amazon for $149. It is literally about to run out.