Though Impractical Joker's iconic 2017 episode “Take Me Out at the Ballgame” may have emerged as a fan favorite, a testament to Joe Gatto’s punishment of stealing signed baseballs from children at a New York Mets game, a behind-the-scenes video of the prank has recently resurfaced on TikTok, offered an inside look at the Karen meltdown to end all Karen meltdown.

“Give her the ball! Give her the ball now! Give her the ball,” yelled an unnamed woman whose daughter helped Gatto snag an extra ball for himself as a part of the prank.

“How dare you!” she repeated.

@comedy0ne Karen gets mad during impractical jokers prank #foryou #trending #comedyone ♬ original sound - LordLyricsWorld

Though six years have elapsed since her initial moment in the limelight, part of which was immortalized on the show, fans still had questions surrounding the newly-reminted Karen of the hour.

“How do people not know them by now? ” mused TikTok commenter @el_edgar29.

“Did anyone figure out how he dared?” joked @itschristybitch85.

If you need us, we’ll be waiting for @stupadasso’s suggestion – a “How dare you x 47 dubstep trap remix” – to replace “One Margarita” as the song of the summer.