AskReddit has answered the question that's crossed everyone's mind at one point or another. What would your life be like if you married the person you lost your virginity to?

Reddit user u/starforce1616 starts us off with a doozy of an answer. "F*cking great (probably) she's a multi-millionaire. To all that are asking she started an internet marketing company in 2000 and sold it for over $25 million in 2009. She is married with 1 kid and they basically just live the dream. Massive house, cars, trips you name it. We still stay in touch. Oh, and she left me when she went off to a different college after high school."

On the opposite end of the spectrum, u/Snail132 simply stated, "I'll still be single." 

User u/Engininja_180PI clearly dodged a bullet. "I'd be shamed, insulted, bullied, emasculated, and cheated on all the time. Possibly have 2 kids and unable to afford a divorce. It started out good, but man oh man did things take a turn. Glad she's an ex."

Not sure where y'all find these crazy exes but I guess with a username like u/Zipperclown-m this answer kinda makes sense. "I’d be dead, in prison, on probation, homeless, or raising a bunch of kids that aren’t mine."

Then there's u/softbasalcell who stated, "I'd be marrying a corpse so..."

One of the most popular answers was submitted by u/HearTheCrushingSteel, and I think it's one that resonates with a lot of people. "It might be ok, but not nearly as good as it is now. He’s a great person and I’m still in contact with him, but we weren’t meant to be together forever." 

Ending on a high note from u/DarthGayAgenda, "I'd probably be a cracked-out hooker living in a bush in Waikiki. Or dead." My ex now has two kids, and I write for eBaum's World. Safe to say we both dodged a bullet.