Though Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell may have garnered a reputation for randomly going mute, we can only wish that the same could be said of his curmudgeonly doppelgänger, who went on a racist tirade against a group of Black men driving in his neighborhood, opening and blocking their car door for no reason other than their race.

“Get off of my door, get off of my door!” the man in question yelled at the Yertle the Turtle impersonator, standing mere feet away with an umbrella.

Despite these repeated pleas to “back up,” the prejudiced passerby refused to budge, instead, proving his obstinance was based on pure racism.

“It’s because we’re black?” asked the man from his vehicle.

“Yep,” the umbrella wielding ------- replied with a nod, clearly lacking any shame. “Because you don’t fit in the neighborhood.”

Even after eliciting rightfully horrified reactions from the men in the car, anti-Black Albert refused to back down, reiterating his racism.

“It’s all white people,” he said, before proudly announcing he had a gun and would use it if the men in the car were less patient. “I’d shoot you.”

We can only hope this racist ------- finds a new neighborhood sometime very soon  — ideally one that serves mush for dinner at 4pm.