In a post made on the subreddit r/AITA (Am I The Asshole), a couple asks the masses if they're the asshole for diverting their catering money to instead having a wedding version of Mickie and Minnie appear on their special day. The couple explains that they love Disney and go to the theme park as often as they can and said that Disney is an important part of their life. 

However, this post created massive controversy and debate around the internet on the practical and ethical choices made by adults who are a bit too fond of the Disney universe.

Many call them "Disney adults", the people who are obsessed with Disney culture far beyond the appropriate age demographic. 

Some people defend Disney lovers, giving them the benefit of the doubt that having an interest in something that doesn't hurt anyone is completely fine.  

But for many, the idea that people so easily succumb to this capitalist trap is what makes this obsession hard to swallow. Disney is raking in mountains of cash from people who can't seem to see all the mechanisms and fun characters as a way to trick them into waiting in line to spend money. It's the same type of people that get tricked into multi-level marketing schemes. The rich people at the top are the ones truly benefiting.

One woman, Jodie Eichler-Levine, went on a tangent about how Disney adults should be beyond criticism because their worship falls in line with certain religions and they need to be treated as such. Many people responded to this with their own criticism.

At the end of the day, Disney Adults will continue worshiping their mouse and people will continue to think it's weird. But that doesn't change the fact that the couple from the Reddit post are assholes for bringing Disney characters to their wedding instead of feeding people.