In a wild news story coming out of France, a millionaire dentist was being arrested for forcing low-income patients to get unnecessary dental work and even 'mutilating' teeth. However, the story itself was derailed by the internet's obsession with one of the arresting officers.

Even with the severity and graphic nature of the case, people swiftly began turning their focus to the arresting officer and reactions started pouring in. 

There was some speculation that the picture may have been photoshopped, but thank the good lord above that someone did their research and confirmed that yes, the photo is indeed real.

And the thirst tweets started to roll in.

It's just nice to see that in a world full of darkness and sh*t, we can still find happiness. An awful, terrifying story really took a turn for the best. And that's all we can ask for in this crazy world. 

"And after we got done, I said lady what's ya number she said 911." So that's the Mrs. Officer that Lil Wayne was talking about.