In a country rampant with conspiracy theories regarding aliens, shapeshifters, and skinwalkers, it makes sense that Americans would start to question everything about the world around them. Including, apparently, Walmart chicken.

“I'm fairly certain 3D printed ‘chicken’ is already on Walmart's shelves,” @100ItsLevel tweeted while sharing a video of himself examining the uncooked breast. “Real chicken doesn't have a gill-like texture.”

Plenty of viewers reacted the same way to the ridged chicken.

“This chicken is not normal. I wouldn’t eat it,” @Nancy023922191 said.

“I don't know what's happening here but we should have informed consent,” @StucknDaMid added.

While suspecting a penny-pinching 430 billion dollar multinational retail corporation of foul play is completely reasonable, assuming that they sell 3D printed chicken is not. The technology to 3D print lab-grown cultured meat does alarmingly exist, however, that practice is a long way away from being used at Walmart. And the gill-like texture that he’s so worried about, is just natural muscle fiber.

“You all have never cooked food for yourself in your life or something, if this is your first time encountering the grain of the muscle fibers,” @sad_bots said.

If you want to argue that Walmart’s regular patrons are 3D printed, well then you might be onto something.