TikTok Thinks They’ve Found the ‘Shapeshifter’ From the Viral American Airlines Video

Over the past few days, we've been covering a viral moment from an American Airlines flight, in which a woman demanded to be let off a plane because she claimed that the man next to her was "not real." 

The woman was initially written off as crazy, but now plenty of people across social media are on her side and believe that she could actually have seen a "shapeshifter." But despite multiple camera angles of the incident, no concrete image of the man in question had emerged... until now. 

TikTok theorists are claiming that a man in a green hoodie might be the "shapeshifter" in question after he appeared to blink vertically in previously unseen footage. 

"OMG she was right she was telling the truth," AiRice684 commented. 

But as with any video involving alleged supernatural activity, the clip is blurry and pixilated. It's nearly impossible to say with certainty what the man's blink really looked like. 

"Bro just minded his business," B commented.

"Can you imagine being that guy and everyone thinking you’re a reptile?" JohnnyAlm added.

People will go to extreme lengths to convince themselves of paranormal activity, but accusing this poor man of being a "shapeshifting lizard" is a reach, even for TikTok. 

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