Days after leaving Sunday’s Academy Awards with her first Oscar and second angry-pointing meme, Everything Everywhere All at Once star/probiotic yogurt legend Jamie Lee Curtis has finally found a proper home for her Best Supporting Actress prize … right next to her character, IRS a-hole Deirdre Beaubeirdre’s giant buttplug-shaped auditing trophy.

On Wednesday, March 15, Curtis took a break from her busy schedule of somehow agreeing to appear in more Halloween sequels and terrorizing everyone within a 10-mile radius with her Activia farts to offer her 5.1 million Instagram followers a peek at her very erm, girthy, award display. 

“OK I'LL STOP!” she captioned her photo depicting her character’s Auditor of the Month butt plug trophy sandwiched between her two juicy acting trophies, her Academy Award on the left and her Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast on the right. “The TOTALLY unexpected EVERYTHING TRIFECTA of 2023,” she continued, tagging The Academy, The SAG Awards and the film’s official page while adding the hashtag #auditorofthemonth.

Shortly after, several of Curtis’ famous pals flocked to the comment section to make much like her auditing superlative — making a beeline right up her ass for all the right reasons.

“DON’T STOP!!,” penned writer Evan Ross Katz. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!!” added comic Chelsea Handler below the post. “Who deserves this more than you? So awesome.”

Congratulations on earning all three of your highly prestigious awards and to paraphrase celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton’s comment, can we borrow the one in the middle?