Model, actress, and muse, Julia Fox has become a cultural icon. Her celebrity debut came when she played Julia de Fiore, Sandler's girlfriend in the movie "Uncut Gems". After that, she dated Kanye West for a brief period of time. 

And while dating Kanye West for a month in January of 2022 she appeared on the podcast 'Call Her Daddy,' where she went viral for her odd pronunciation of "Uncut Gems". In the interview, she claims she was also Josh Safdie's muse when we was making the film. 

More recently, Fox has been uploading videos on her TikTok dishing out life lessons and creating controversy around her views on parenting. 

On August 22nd Fox posted a video saying that "the concept of children was invented in the 1800s" to sell useless stuff to parents. Before that children were known as "small adults" and were treated equally.


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A few days later she posted another inciteful video about what makes someone an abuser saying, "Why are [abusers] not understanding me? Well, it's very simple, they do not fucking want to."


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People on the internet were accusing Fox of being "desperate for fame", saying she has always wanted to be famous. Her response was that she never said she "wants" to be famous, only that she knew she was "going to be" famous. There's a difference.

Her video was captioned, "I want money. Not a shit ton. Just enough to give me and my son a comfortable life. Unfortunately, fame is a stepping stone to get that"

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So before you write her off as a 'flavor of the week', know that Julia Fox is more complex than most people give her credit for.