Watch out Keto bros! A new fear (beyond the nightmares that play out during your extremely irregular bathroom visits) just dropped: The libs (presumably) are coming for your meat … and not in the fun kind of way.

Earlier this week @ZackStrength a self-described former football player and apparent presidential candidate (Joe Exotic, watch out!) took to Twitter with a word of warning for his fellow keto bros – hold your enemies close, and your breakfast consisting of what appears to be four eggs and a steak boasting a massive pat of butter closer.

“They want to take this from you,” he captioned the now-viral snap of his (literally) heart-stopping fare.

Naturally, the fine people of Twitter were confused and horrified, as they often are after happening upon extremely cursed food, taking to the platform to ask who, exactly, is coming for this monstrosity .. well, other than maybe the platform’s OTHER red-cheeked butter guy.)

“Me when my cardiologist is non-binary,” wrote @SaeedDiCaprio. “Are ‘they’ in the room with us right now?” added @ValterSkarsgard.

Yet not everyone was so skeptical of ZackStrength’s claims.

“It’s true,” wrote @mobydickenerg. “‘They’ being seagulls.”

So remember kids, eat your veggies – as @People4Bernie so aptly put it, “You're hallucinating from not getting enough fiber.”