KFC is testing out their Beyond Meat Fried Chicken in Atlanta tomorrow.

It's been a great year for Vegans and fast food. Last month, Burger King rolled out a plant-based Impossible Whopper nationwide while other vegan-friendly options have been showing up at places like Carl's Jr., White Castle, and Del Taco

100% whopper 0% beef Burger King Vegan Impossible Whopper

Now KFC is testing out their own vegan option. They have teamed up with fake meat producers Beyond Meat to make "Beyond Fried Chicken." They're calling it a Kentucky Fried Miracle. If you live in Atlanta you can try it out for yourself tomorrow, August 27th. 

The Beyond Fried Chicken will be offered as nuggets and as a boneless "wing" covered in your choice of Nashville Hot, Honey BBQ, or Buffalo sauce. 

Chicken Nuggets is like my family.

This news has caused quite a stir on twitter.

Tommy Middleditch will definitely be trying out the new Beyond Chicken Nuggets.