Logan Paul response - coffeezilla

Logan Paul has fired back at Coffeezilla, after the investigative YouTuber published a series of videos claiming that Paul had scammed investors out of millions of dollars with his NFT game CryptoZoo. You can read more about that here. Paul has defended himself, placing the blame on the nefarious team originally hired to create the game, and threatened to sue Coffeezilla for defamation. 

Here are the short and longer versions of Paul's statement. 

Paul claims he chose to go silent on the game's setbacks after "learning the extent of the internal issues," and blames those on a series of poor hires, and cons. He states that the developer holding his game's code hostage in Switzerland is actually a convicted felon, and that the man hired to vet that developer is a proven con artist with many notable victims. He also says that Coffeezilla elected to omit those key facts, among others, in his investigation. 

Paul ends his clap-back by re-extending his offer to Coffeezilla to appear on his podcast 'Impaulsive,' and the words, "I'll see you in court."

Coffeezilla seems less than concerned about the threat of a lawsuit, saying the video contains "insane lies," and pointing out some negative reactions to it. 

It remains to be seen if Logan Paul will actually file a lawsuit. CrytoZoo is still set go forward in 2023 or 2024.