Olivia Jade, daughter of Full House star Lori Loughlin, is getting destroyed on social media following the news that her parents paid $500,000 so that she could attend USC. The deal entailed that she was to be recruited as a member of the crew team even though she has probably never rowed in her life. She also famously posted a YouTube video saying that she has no interest in attending school and just wants to party and attend gameday. While her mother has wisely deleted all social media accounts, Olivia still has hers up, and the comments section is a complete dumpster fire. The screenshots below are just a taste of the fury getting thrown her way.

Check out her Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and drop her a line if you feel inclined.

Update: Olivia was on a school official's yacht when news of the scandal broke. She has also been dropped by brands Sephora and Tresseme, which she was a paid influencer for.