United Lost Luggage - apartment complex

Twitter user Valerie Szybala is using an Apple AirTag to track her lost United Airlines luggage and has documented her journey reuniting with it online. Her saga comes after a horrible week for many airlines like Southwest, featuring canceled flights, lost bags, and angry flyers.  

According to Valerie's tracker, her luggage has been in a residential apartment complex for over a day, where it has remained, aside from a few quick trips to McDonalds and the mall. And her bag does not appear to be the only one held in the complex.

These tweets document the bag's movements over the past day. 

At the time of this writing, the bag remains in the apartment complex and United Airlines has been less than helpful in providing information on the situation.

While our initial thoughts suggest the bag was stolen, there is another explanation that is even more sinister. United's third-party bag delivery service is just that sketchy. 

While watching your luggage go shopping and get McNuggets is disconcerting, to say the least, it seems that there is still a possibility Valerie will be reunited with her lost bag. Just know that if you're checking luggage on your next flight, it may end up in an apartment complex by some dumpsters for a few days before it shows up on your doorstep.