myka stauffer huxley

Exploiting your kids for followers and brand partnerships is never a good look, but getting rid of those kids when you no longer want to deal with them is much worse.

A mommy vlogger, Myka Stauffer, recently gave up the five year-old orphan she had adopted from China in 2017.

Myka and her husband Jim adopted the kid, Huxley, knowing he had autism, but after three years of caring for him, they decided they couldn't do it anymore and rehomed him somewhere else.

Of course, they sent the kid away only after putting him in videos that got millions of views and helped them get tens of thousands of followers and lucrative deals.

Many of their followers also donated money to help fund their trip to China and cover adoption costs for the kid in the first place.

Essentially, the couple monetized a special needs kid and gave him up when they decided he was too much work.

People have been tearing into the couple online and calling for any brand that supports them to cut ties immediately.

We all know parenting vloggers are obnoxious, but this makes them look straight up cruel.

honestly I been knew but family vloggers truly arent shit. as If myka stauffer put her austic adopted son up for readoption in the US after 3 years of living wit her? they moved him all the way from china! I feel sick huxley did not deserve to be treated like a pet

Almost seems like kids were better off when their parents just gave them money to go to the store and pick up cigarettes, rather than monetize their likeness online.

truly not many things I hate more than exploitative and predatory behavior on the internet and here we are. myka stauffer literally gave away her special needs adopted child that randoms on the internet gave her money to adopt. I cannot what the fuck

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