Art collective, MSCHF has unleashed their latest creation onto the unsuspecting citizens of Planet Earth. The Big Red Boots (or BRB) are just as dysfunctional, loud, and clunky as the company's website. Straight out of Astro Boy's closet, you can now own these boots for a cool $350.

Unfortunately for sneakerheads, the colorful kicks are already claiming their victims.


We knew there would be clout-chasers buying the product and running to post videos and pics of the Pac-Man pumps. We didn't think things would happen this fast, or it would be this cringe. We were wrong.

The other side of Twitter wasn't so kind.

Put some goddamn respect on Boots' name!

Love them or hate them, the BRBs are apparently flying off the metaphorical shelves. According to the MSCHF website, there are none available at this moment, but customers can be notified once the boots are back in stock.