They say there’s nothing more American than apple pie, but actually, we think there is, and it’s an arm full of hot dogs.

Olneyville New York System Restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island has gone viral on TikTok for the impressive way they prepare several hot dogs at once: By lining them up on the employee’s forearm and slapping the condiments, which include mustard, onion, chili, ketchup and celery salt, on them as they balance precariously. It’s a classic example of the kind of efficiency American capitalism is known for. Or, according to some commenters, it’s a classic example of a blatant violation of restaurant health codes.

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To that end, several were quick to point out that the hot dogs are raw-dogging the employee’s arm; there’s no plastic or covering anywhere except the glove on his hand, which is hot dog-less. This prompted one commenter to ask if the arm hair and dead skin cost extra. Others, though, were unfazed.

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In fairness, based on other videos, it looks like the employees do use protection — at least some of the time. You could also probably easily ask them to do so if you’re genuinely concerned about contamination, although as some responses pointed out, much worse violations go on behind-the-scenes at many restaurants that customers have absolutely no idea about.

Olneyville New York System has been run by the Stevens family since the 1930s, following their migration to Rhode Island from Greece in the 1920s. A Rhode Island institution, the restaurant has been blessed with visits from such esteemed guests as Guy Fieri and Rob Gronkowski. Their hot dogs definitely received Fieri’s stamp of approval, with him apparently calling them “one of the best hot dogs I ever ate.”

So no matter how they’re prepared, they certainly pass the Mayor of Flavortown’s muster. Or should that be mustard?