On this day in 2020, the world suffered a tragic loss after the passing of Kobe Bean Bryant, and his daughter Gianna. As 'RIP Bean' messages began rolling in on Twitter, those who weren't familiar with Bryant's middle name began to assume that another legend had passed; Mr. Bean.

An honest mistake. Most die hard sports fans know that Kobe Bryant is referred to as 'Bean'. But for those who didn't, it made for some entertaining tweets.

We can confirm Rowan Atkinson is alive and well. The actor known for his iconic role as Mr. Bean just celebrated his 68th birthday this month. The internet was still concerned.

As Mr. Bean lives on, we remember Kobe Bryant on the third anniversary of his untimely passing. Now that we're all (myself included) aware of the legend's middle name, from the bottom of our hearts... Rest in Peace, Bean.