As if the CrossFit community wasn't already the most insufferable group of humans in existence, they doubled down on that stereotype after kicking an OnlyFans model out of their cult- I mean gym. Stephanie Harrison, a former member of CrossFit Death or Glory (LOL) located in Newcastle, England had her membership revoked after taking a photo in their changing rooms.

The incredibly tame photo above is what triggered owners to reach out via WhatsApp. According to Stephanie, the photo wasn't even posted to her OnlyFans account, but rather to two of her Instagram profiles (main and a backup.) After asking for proof that the photo was added to her OnlyFans account, Stephanie said the gym owners claimed that a link to her profile was more than enough to warrant revoking her membership.

Here's the issue. The gym was sneaky enough to find her Instagram profile, noticed that it included her OnlyFans, but didn't want to click on it, knowing they wouldn't have ground to stand on had they actually been supporting her adult content. 

It's no surprise that the 'super rational' CrossFit community is lashing out over a mother using sex work to make a living. Especially after we were all treated to this viral video.

The excuse given by the gym was that they didn't want to be linked to a member by 'something like this.' Stephanie has since blocked the gym on WhatsApp, and as far as we can tell she's deleted her all social media accounts.