No doubt we all have something we keep to ourselves. It's a part of being human. Some of these things we might take to our grave, some we just need to get off of our chest. Thanks to AskReddit, we've collected some of the scariest and most unsettling secrets that people have actually revealed about themselves.

Reddit user u/Violaeh revealed this bombshell. "I killed someone in self defense, went through the entire court process with his family sobbing hysterically and never felt a single emotion about it, and I’m a pretty emotional guy." No big deal, just murdered a person.

Another user, u/TheUnfunOwl stated, "I have unusually good night vision, extra cones/rods (I forget which is for low light) which means I walk around in what other people consider complete darkness, able to see just fine. Add onto that I'm 6'10" and very large, basically a cryptid." Did they just admit that they are Bigfoot?

Redditor u/BobbiFrapples has no shame in sharing his secret. "I pooped in my neighbors backyard when I was 8 years old. Just gargoyled under his jungle gym and let loose. This is the first I’ve talked about it in over 20 years." Like I said, no shame.

Nothing says 'my body, my choice' like this next secret. User u/HearingAccurate8616 revealed, "I had 6 toes on each foot at birth and got them cut off you can see the place they cut them at."

This one will keep you up at night. User u/ignisnex says, "I have an enlarged aortic root. It's very unlikely, but it could spontaneously rupture leading to the medical term adjusts glasses... "instantaneous death". I would pass out, bleed to death, and then fall over. Dead before hitting the ground. And it could happen at any time. My wife is very uncomfortable thinking about it lol." So yeah, that's fun.

Some were unsettling but also super fascinating. User The_Smoot revealed, "I have 2 lenses in my right eye, so it focuses like binoculars. My doctor wrote a paper about it. Mostly blinded as a baby in my left eye. Dr. suspected my right lense split then healed as 2 distinct lenses. Better than 20/20 in my right eye." Wild.

But this one from u/crudito2601 is by far the best secret. "I inherited a lot of money from my grandmother about 2 years ago that no one in my family knew existed. I still don't know where it came from, her lawyer wouldn't tell me, but it's in the upper 7 figures. My father, her son, got the flat she owned and we all thought that was everything she had. Apparently it wasn't but I havent told anyone about it and I dont plan on doing so either. I just work a normal 8-5 desk job, rent a flat downtown of the City i live in (nothing expensive) and live a normal life on my own."

Now that's unsettling.