Is anyone surprised that a celebrity relationship fell apart? Especially one involving Kim Kardashian, a woman who became famous for being friends with Paris Hilton, creating a sex tape with Ray J, and going on to make some of the most popular reality TV known to mankind. And Pete Davidson, whose accomplishments are kind of sort of being a regular cast member on SNL? And basically dating any women with legs.

Did anyone think this was a good idea? I mean from a human standpoint. Obviously from a content creation point of view this is pure gold. So we'll kick off this bodacious break-up gallery with the one who disapproved all along, Mr. Kanye West... 

It's no secret that Pete Davidson has a bunch of cringe tattoos. The newest additions include a shoutout to Kim, "My girlfriend is a lawyer." As well as her kids' initials on his neck. The internet took quick notice.

There are already predictions about who Pete's next victim- I mean girlfriend is going to be.

I couldn't be happier. I can now convince my wife to try a threesome with Kim Kardashian even though it's gonna be a hard 'no.' As for Pete, I dunno man. You'll be okay. Head up. Other inspirational stuff. I'm sure you'll be banging someone way out of your league soon enough. Cheer up, Charlie.