If you're going to steal from the biggest technology company in the world, you better have a contingency plan for when things go south. And one group of Philly looters realized the display devices they knicked, for one, didn't work, and for two, were tracking them. 

After the raid on the Apple store in Philadelphia, Apple remotely blocked all the stolen devices.
byu/This__is- inPublicFreakout

Tuesday night hundreds of teens hit Philly's Center City shopping district, making out with Lululemon, Nike and Apple products, however, the clever people who stole from Apple soon realized their smash-and-grab efforts were misplaced. 

Apple, soon after the looting disabled all the stolen devices and most likely tracked the locations of the devices before they were smashed on the ground and doused in orange juice. 

The shock heard in the woman's voice filming the Apple smashing shouldn't be much of a surprise, as who really thinks the phones on display at Apple stores are free for the picking? 

While stealing from Lululemon might seem like a less valuable heist, at least those people now have some nice leggings to wear for winter.