The sideshow circus of Elon Musk's Twitter has hit another monumental low this week as the CEO openly mocked, then fired a disabled employee via tweet. The only word I can come up with right now is 'hellscape.' And we're living in it. If I didn't have to be online all day everyday, I would've deleted Twitter a long time ago. But here we are.

Haraldur Thorleifsson claimed that he had access to his computer cut and was genuinely curious if he still had a job at Twitter or not. HR had not answered his emails, so he took to the app itself to reach out. Here is the original tweet.

Elon then responded.

"Pics or it didn't happen" would be a perfectly acceptable answer if Elon hadn't cut Haraldur's computer access. You see how little Elon pays attention, and just how easily the talking in circles begins.

Haraldur was basically relegated to unemployment over a Twitter battle with Elon Musk, as opposed to - oh you know - an email from HR. Musk then doubled down on his stupidity.

You read that correctly. Musk in his infinite wisdom either doesn't give a shit, or has no clue what MS does to the human body. Thankfully Haraldur gave us some insight.

There's total ownage, and then there's what Halli just did to Elon Musk. Bodybagged. Maybe if Elon wasn't so obsessed with trying to make people laugh all the time, he'd have a few minutes to answer a simple email and avoid being absolutely embarrassed on his own app.