It was reported back in June of this year that pop sensation Shakira had caught long-time husband and soccer player Gerard Pique cheating. Celebrity break-ups tend to be very public and humiliating for those involved, and this was no different. However, it looks as though Shakira may get the last laugh after the 12 year relationship.

It's well known that Pique cheated with multiple women, including but not limited to model, Bar Refaeli.

But in a cosmic twist of fate, according to Tribuna a contract is close to being signed between streaming titan Spotify and FC Barcelona, the team which Pique plays for. The contract would require the team to wear Shakira branded jerseys for a game, and isn't that just some sweet, sweet karma coming Pique's way.

How likely is it that the contract gets signed? The team has already donned jerseys with rap artist Drake's OVO owl logo on the front. A sign that FC Barcelona has a healthy working relationship with Spotify.

We'll keep you updated, but we can guarantee the memes will be flowing like the the salmon of Capistrano if and when this contract gets signed.