To each their own. Some of us like smelling the balloon knots of our partners, and some of us like taking close-up 35mm pictures, and if you're more of a digital media kind of person, you're in luck because you can buy a digital piece of this woman's whatever-you-want. 

Yeah we know, who cares. But if this message gets out to the right person, a person not deterred by their better nature, it's worth it. 

The body in question belongs to Polish singer, Dorota Rabczewska, who goes by the stage name Doda, and who is claiming to be the first person ever, to auction off her body as digital certificates. 

Long gone are the days of paying women for a night you'll never forget, and here comes the dawning of a new age, where men own the rights to their favorite singer's feet. 

The starting price for some of these digital body parts is 73 thousand euros. But we assume the money shots, ie her vagina, clitoris, and butthole may be priced a little higher. 

And if you're wondering what you could do with these assets once you buy them you aren't alone. And besides the obvious, we're looking at you foot-fetish people, you could theoretically add these items into your own digital artworks. 

So what do you think, is this a genius scam or could you see yourself one day buying the rights to your favorite actor's underboob? Only time and increasing levels of horny dementia will tell.