The infamous adult video star Riley Reid was sitting courtside at the Lakers vs Oklahoma City game when Lakers forward Mason Jones plowed into her while attempting to save a ball that was going out of bounds. Jones appears to trip as he goes out of bounds, eventually landing in the lap of Reid, who apparently is pregnant with her first child. A fact the internet, and apparently the broadcasters were together unaware of. 

Reid's boyfriend can be seen protecting her as the 6'4'' shooting guard comes crashing down butt first. After play resumes the camera pans to Reid and her man, and she can be seen rubbing her belly, to which the announcers gasp, "oh no, is she expecting?" They did a great job of playing it off like they didn't know who she was, but we know, they know. 

Reid, who has won over 40 awards in the porn industry, including XBIZ Female Performer of the Year for 2014 and 2016, has taken a break from the porn industry to be with her boyfriend and their new baby. It also appears that she wasn't seriously harmed, at least not that we were able to tell. 

But of course, after she seemed fine, fans took the liberty of cracking the obvious jokes at her expense. You can imagine the types of jokes Twitter made. But most of us were just shocked that Reily is finally going to be a mom. Congrats, after all these years she finally, . .  ahh better not go there. You get the point.