When it comes to suburban shopping mall food court spots, Auntie Anne's clearly has the market on lock. Tired after a long day of looking at band tees at Hot Topic? Grab a pretzel bro. In celebration of one of the best soft pretzel companies in the game, we've ranked every pretzel from Auntie Anne's menu.

10. Raisin Pretzel - Let's be real, raisins are trash. If you're an adult and you still enjoy raisins then it's time to grow up. Raisins are literally a snack for kindergartners who just got done wiping boogers on each other. I truly don't understand why this is even on their menu.

9. Pretzel Dog - Listen the only place I want a hot dog from is my own grill or at a baseball game. Definitely not a food court hot dog. Sometimes less is more. Do less.

8. Pretzel Nuggets - Nothing to phone home about. Pretzel nuggets are a convenient way to eat on the go I suppose. But about 90% of the time I'm just going to grab a full pretzel.

7. Sweet Almond Pretzel - We're getting into the heavy hitters now. Do I need a pretzel covered in almonds and dipped in caramel? No. Would I totally order that on a whim because I have a weird craving on some random day? Absolutely I would.

6. Original Pretzel - Have to respect the original. Remembering your roots is how you got this far in the first place. I'd put this classic pretzel over any other in the game right now.

5. JalapeƱo Pretzel - For the spicy food lover in your family. I suggest this bad boy with the hot salsa cheese dip, and trust me. You'll be transported straight to the ballpark on a midsummer's day.

4. Pepperoni Pretzel - A creation stolen right out of a '90s bowling alley menu. The pepperoni pretzel is perfect for when your stomach needs a bit more. Break out the marinara dip for this guy.

3. Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel - You might want to keep that marinara dip out for this one. Garlic/Parm is already the perfect pairing, so I'd like to personally thank whoever thought of throwing it onto a pretzel.

2. Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel - Just think of your favorite bag of sour cream and onion potato chips. Now imagine all of the seasoning at the bottom of the bag put on top of a pretzel. Absolute madness. You can dip this one if you really want, but I promise you won't need to. Honestly this could've made it to #1. But alas...

1. Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel - Pure candy. If I didn't have a sweet tooth this may have come in 2nd place, but here we are. Think Taco Bell's cinnamon twists only soft...and better. This melt-in-your-mouth pretzel hits every note. Sweet, Savory, Salty. It's the pretzel of goddamn champions.