Move over, universal health care and affordable college: Europe has found yet another way to spectacularly dunk on the United States — doling out complimentary cigarettes alongside cups of coffee.

Earlier this week, American redditors learned just how much Europeans appreciate the winning combination of cigarettes and coffee after Flitwick87 took tor/MildlyInteresting to share a glimpseof the freebie that accompanied their coffee order at one Balkan cafe.

“The coffee I ordered in Bosnia came with a complimentary cigarette,” they captioned a snap depicting their beverage and the aforementioned square, resting alongside myriad coffee accouterments and what appears to be a pack of matches.

Garnering upwards of 111,000 upvotes and several Twitter reposts, Flitwick87’s spectacular 2-for-1 deal took off on the platform, sparking envy, cravings and musings on European cigarette culture surrounding this “nutritious Balkan breakfast,” as theftnssgrmpcrtst so aptly put it.

“I never knew how badly I wanted to be served a single complementary cigarette,” wrote u/highandhungover (hard relate). “Anywhere really, but Bosnia would be icing on the cake.”

“I haven’t smoked in like 15 years but seeing that fresh cig gave me a bit of a tingle,” added Kalsifur, one of the many former smokers who detailed how this image re-awoke their desire for a nice, crisp cigarette.

“Me 10 years ago would have LOVED this,” ZIPFERKLAUS confirmed.

Bosnia, though, isn’t alone in its appreciation of cigs and coffee. While it’s unclear whether the French offer complimentary cigarettes with the beverage, according to redditor AmericanHistoryXX, they hold very strong feelings on the pairing. “I had a French friend in grad school who broke his leg, and was told by his doctors not to smoke during his recovery,” they recalled. “He came to class and told us that the worst part of it was that he couldn’t have his morning coffee.

“‘Wait, I thought you weren’t allowed to smoke,’” they recalled of their conversation.

“Yes, but you can’t have coffee without cigarettes,’” he allegedly quipped.

Brb, booking my next vacation.