Much like the whisperings of "we're getting out of school early" at the first sign of snow, or "Marilyn Manson had his ribs removed," the rumor that actor Austin St. John (aka the Red Ranger) went on to do gay porn is simply that...a rumor.

In a YouTube video that has long since been deleted, St. John clears the air about what actually happened, and how these rumors came to fruition. The Blogspot Dlisted published a piece back in 2000 titled From Power Ranger to Pornstar!  

You have to remember this was in the early days of the internet when blogs reigned supreme and with a headline like that, the media and Power Rangers' fans alike ran with the story. 

In reality, the pornstar was NOT Red Ranger actor Austin St. John but happened to be someone that looked A LOT like St. John, an adult film star known as Brock.

To make matters worse, Brock fed into the narrative in order to gain popularity in his own career. He realized that people who might not watch some random guy named Brock, would definitely watch "ex-actor Austin St. John" in Power Ranger-themed adult films. 

But what happened to Austin St. John? As it turns out, the actor is in some hot water currently. St. John was arrested this past May for trying to defraud the Covid relief Paycheck Protection Program. He was one of 18 people involved in the scheme.

If convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. However, as of right now the actor is still making public appearances, signings, and photo-ops.