There’s something about rideshare that brings out the worst in people. Whether it’s drivers who play erotic audiobooks, riders getting way too personal with their drivers or customers freaking out after being asked to wear a mask, it’s no surprise that even Uber’s own CEO admits that the job kinda sucks.

Just in case you needed more evidence that being an Uber driver ain’t great, there’s this:

The video shows a man attempting to fit a woman’s luggage into his car. Frustrated, the woman throws the man’s belongings out of the car, later kicking him in the stomach.

As for what inspired it all, the OP originally posted the whole video to YouTube, offering an explanation in the caption. “So I arrived at the Uber pickup area in LAX on February 21st 2023 and noticed a commotion going on, so I started recording. This woman was angry because her bags wouldn’t fit her Uber driver’s car, so she threw his personal belongings (blue bin) into the street, then took her two little dogs out of the back seat and placed them on the sidewalk,” the poster wrote. “She then went over and kicked the driver in the groin.”

According to the person filming the video, he and some bystanders then helped the man pick up all of his items. The filmer also got the Uber driver’s information and sent him the video, which turns out to have been a smart move.

“Later that day the driver texted me thanking me for the video, and then asked if I would speak with Uber to give my report of the incident,” he wrote. “They called me, I told them what I witnessed, and sent them the video as well. Which was good because the woman was trying to lie to Uber and say that he threw her dogs out of the car, but the video proves otherwise.”

OP shared even more details in a Reddit post on r/PublicFreakout. “[The Uber driver] has shown it to The LAX police and Uber and that they're taking action,” he explained. “She could very well go to jail for this, and I’ll say she is most likely going to be banned from Uber, but they told me they have definitely put a hold on her account for now.”

As of a few months after the incident, though, there has been no update.

In any event, if this is how she treats Uber drivers, we can only pray for those dogs.