In the town of Haddon Township, New Jersey, there's a sandwich shop that has been quietly sifting through my dreams and decided to create a sandwich that's so beautiful you have to see to believe. 

Elsie's makes a sandwich that uses massive pickles instead of bread. I'm not gherkin you around here... it's real.

What started as a way to make a low carb sandwich has turned into a phenomenon and honestly, it's about time. At Elsie's you can create any sandwich you like and have it built inside a kosher pickle that's also a home recipe, or you can have it wrapped in thin slices of cucumbers if that's your thing. 

According to their website, their sandwiches run right around $9-$10, and are completely customizable. 

I can honestly say that I've never been horny for a sandwich before now and I don't care who knows it. If you're in the area of Haddon Township please go to Elsie's and tell us how it is.