Giants' nose tackle, Dexter Lawrence got his two seconds of Sunday Night Football fame during player introductions against the Washington Commanders. We've all seen the Key and Peele sketch, and we've heard players shouting out their elementary schools, but they all pale in comparison to 'Sexy Dexy.'

It's hard to tell if this was a locker room nickname or something Dexter had coined for himself. Dexter Lawrence II may have been born in 1997, but big boy Sexy Dexy was born on SNF.

The NFL, referred to by fans as the 'No Fun League' has been less than accommodating to grown men playing a child's game. After all, football is just a game. Let them celebrate, mic up the players, and allow nicknames on jerseys, because think of all the great names players would choose for themselves in the vein of 'He Hate Me' of the XFL.

Based on Dexter's Twitter handle, Sexy Dexy isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Let's put it in writing, shall we? I'm challenging commissioner, Roger Goodell right here and now. Let Sexy Dexy cook!