Las Vegas: the American ID made manifest. Vegas is a place that really shouldn’t exist — not for any moral reason, but for the fact that it’s a monument to American indulgence built in the middle of the goddamn desert.

Despite being surrounded by nothing but sand for miles, the city has decided to make itself a holy place for all things debaucherous. Want to gamble? You’re in the right spot. Want to get down and dirty with a sex worker? Yup, you can do that, too, though you may have to drive a bit outside the city first. Craving a night in a giant Dorito? Fuck it, Vegas has got you covered.

Given this, it’s no surprise that the city is filled with strange occurrences. There’s the new Sphere that someone recently tried to climb, and in the past few days, a few people claim to have seen a UFO hovering over the city.

Of course, Las Vegas is also known for its fights — and not just the ones that happen inside the ring.

Fight at The Cosmo Casino in Las Vegas
byu/shankmaster8000 inPublicFreakout

In this video from the Cosmopolitan, multiple people can be seen fighting on the casino floor. We don’t have a clear idea what caused this fight, but the battle itself is pretty wild. One dude throws hands at the onset, which eventually leads to two women duking it out on the floor.

What really makes this video is the commentary. Throughout the fight, a woman can be heard yelling things like, “You gonna let her pull on your box braids?,” “Worldstar!” and “Bro, it’s Black History Month!” Get this woman on ESPN!

The fight was likely over winnings from the casino, as one of the women yells to “Get the money!” during the fight. That said, commenters on Reddit said that on-floor casino fights are fairly common — which might explain the lack of surprise from casino staff. “Normal day in Vegas lol,” wrote a commenter. “I was a Table Games Dealer for 20 years. Fights were a nightly occurrence,” added another.

So if you’re considering buying a ticket to the next big Vegas fight, maybe just consider hanging out on the casino floor — you’re likely to get a good show without having to spend a penny.