Everyone can now breathe a heavy sigh of relief. The famous candy bar we all know and love has confirmed that they are indeed KEEPING THE VEINS. Snickers has become well known on the internet (mainly through memes) for its classic and strangely sexual veiny chocolate bars.

Up until recently we never thought that there was even a chance the veins might one day just up and disappear. But things got very real, very quickly.

Twitter was understandably upset.

With the original tweet going viral as the youths say (at 30K retweets and over 300K likes) you knew the official Snickers account had to jump in quick.

That was a close one. Our friends over at Snopes even had the situation on lock.

Who knew EVERYONE was this horny all the time? Just look at some of these brand responses.

Well okay, then.

Twix is out here about to risk it all.

And of course...Fleshlight. I pose this question just about once a day at this job, but what did we even do before the internet?

I guess we can all thank our lucky stars that the d*ck vein is here to stay.