Indica Flower is an adult film star and self-confirmed 'wild lil hippie babe' with the dreadlocks to match. Everyone has an angle on OnlyFans, and it seems like she has found hers. While it's fairly clear from her videos and photos, she definitely enjoys the outdoors, we were curious how 'off-the-grid' an internet star can really be.

The 25-year-old Louisiana resident currently makes over $53K/month on her OnlyFans page, plus the $1.5 million she's already raked in. But off-the-grid? The obvious issue here is the internet. For someone who makes a living filming and posting content daily, I would think going completely off-the-grid would be impossible.

For someone who enjoys the outdoors, Indica seems to love internet fame, fortune, and the finer things in life a little bit more. And that's totally fine. But don't act like this isn't just an exaggerated version of yourself for the internet to see.

It might be pretty hard to go off-the-grid when she also has an entire merch store to run. Anybody want some organic joggers? Obviously, that's a joke, but they can still be yours for $35.

I'm just saying, let's call this what it is. Indica Flower has found her adult content niche, and it's totally working. But let's not pretend like she's living in the woods off deer meat and tree leaves.