When you IRL stream, you’re likely to accidentally catch some unsavory events. Sometimes, it’s at least partially the streamer’s own fault, such as when Kick streamer JohnnySomali got slapped after yelling racist remarks throughout a trip to Japan. Other times, the streamer is totally oblivious to what’s about to happen until it does, frequently leaving them in a state of shock.

This is exactly what happened to streamer Coco (bigcocobuns on Twitch) when she recently streamed a journey around the city of Chicago. At the end of her stream, she’s sitting on the side of the road when she hears a blast of what sounds like fireworks. “Those are fireworks, right?” she asks.

Then, she hears the “fireworks” ricochet — meaning that they’re likely bullets.

“I gotta go!” she exclaims. Her stream ends soon after.

The video of all of the events leading up to this incident is currently available on her Twitch. The alleged shooting happens at 08:11:20.

This isn’t the first time Coco has inadvertently captured a criminal event. Back in June, she was walking through the streets of San Francisco when she came across the police arresting a public flasher. Coco was unaware what was happening until it had already ended, saying, “I was scared guys. I thought they were coming from me. Oh, he had his pants off? Oh Jesus, I was scared as well because I thought I was doing some illegal bike ----. This guy’s p---- was out or something.”

As for the Chicago incident, Twitter users had a lot of thoughts.

For her part, Coco later joked about the situation on her Twitter account.

It’s unclear what actually happened here. No matter what, it’s certainly not the first time a crime has been caught on Twitch — and it’s definitely not the grossest.