As part of their promotional push for a new lineup of classic sandwiches (the Subway Series), Subway is hosting an event at a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas where the first person to ink a 12x12 footlong tattoo on their chest or back will win 'free subs for life." 

The wacky and WTF event is being hosted at Bad Apple Tattoo tomorrow as part of a subway-sponsored block party starting at 11 AM and running until 5. Lineup starts at 8 AM, with the winning ink being bestowed on a first-come-first-serve basis -- SO IF YOU LIVE IN LAS VEGAS, GET THERE AND GET THAT CHEST TAT!

subway series

Alongside the race to get inked for a lifetime supply of free sandwiches, the event is scheduled to host a bunch of other activities you can pretend to care about while finding new and innovative line-cutting methods, including something-graffiti-something and some musical acts you can listen to while pigment is being forcibly injected into your chest-skin.

There are also runner-up spots in the race to get tattooed:

  • Subs for a Month: 2" x 2" tattoo on wrist, bicep or foot.
  • Subs for a Year: 3" x 3" tattoo on the shoulder blade, forearm or calf
  • Subs for Life: "The Footlong," a 12" x 12" tattoo on the sternum or back.

The way the lifetime supply of subway sandwiches works is actually through a $50,000 subway gift card -- providing more than enough runway for a non-sicko to last the reasonable expectation for the lifespan of someone willing to get a footlong tattoo on their chest. 

DJ Tambe subway

The tattoo is being inked by Dj Tambe, two-time Ink Master champion and one of the premiere tattoo artists in the country -- so it might be a footlong subway tattoo but at least it will be rendered well. 

So, if you're a Las Vegas resident reading this -- and you're willing sicko -- get there tomorrow and get that tattoo! We'd love to talk to the guy/gal who nails the sandwiches-for-life tattoo (or even one of the others)!