Raiders Antonio Brown has had a complete meltdown of a season so far and is likely to be suspended after threatening to punch GM Mike Mayock.

"Antonio Brown is at least a low-level Batman villain at this point." In case you've missed it, Antonio Brown is in extreme meltdown mode. In the past month, he's had a weird cryotherapy injury, refused to play unless he can use an old helmet, received fines for not showing up to practice, and now he threatened to punch Raider's GM Mike Mayock in the face.

It all started yesterday when Antonio Brown posted a fine he received from the Raiders due to missing practices. 

Today we learned that he also had an exchange with GM Mike Mayock yesterday as well. He apparently threatened to punch him in the face and had to be held back by teammates.

He also was not at practice today and there have been lots of rumors about him getting suspended as well as him wanting to get released or traded.

It's obviously been an extremely meme-able month for AB and people were going for it on Twitter. 

It's been reported that he has officially been listed on the injury report for their week one game against the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

And the drama continues as Antonio has begun unfollowing his team and teammates on Instagram.

Why just cant you be normal Antonio Brown and Raiders meme.

Antonio Brown has been suffering from cte ever since this hit from vantaze burfict - change my mind meme

The Rest of NFL meme - AB and Raiders

Antonio brown in a safe full of gold - Spongebob meme

Antonio Brown helmet meme wearing a Darth Vader mask.


More to come...