Though Elle Brooke may make “like, double” what U.K. TV presenter/notable jackass Piers Morgan does as one of OnlyFan's top 0.1% creators, the host had some serious qualms surrounding her digital career – the opinions of hypothetical children.

Morgan recently took to his primetime talk show to debate Brooke on her decision to pursue OnlyFans after dropping out of the University of Southampton’s law school, slamming her for choosing a career path in sex work.

“I’m curious about you being someone who embarked on a law career [and] was obviously very bright, went to university, packed it in, just for money,” he said during the Tuesday, June 6 installment of Piers Morgan Uncensored, before dubbing her as “effectively an online stripper.”

“Online strippers get naked, I do things that are way more grotesque,” she clarified,  noting that while she “could be a good lawyer” she “absolutely” loves her work and is “really good at it.”

Morgan then fired back with every right winger’s favorite hypothetical – what about the children?

“Are you going to be proud that you have your little ones and they look at you and go, ‘Didn’t you want to be a lawyer, mummy, what happened?’ and you say ‘Yeah but look at all my stuff?’” he asked.

Though Brooke maintained she was unsure whether she eventually wanted a family, she didn’t seem too worried about the thoughts of her potential children.

“They can cry in a Ferrari,” she quipped, leaving him aghast.

We assume Morgan did the same in his Aston Martin after enduring such an embarrassing burn.