When most people think about living in an RV, the images are often far less than luxurious (especially for those of us who have lived in a major city). The folks at Volkner Mobil hope to change the perception with their behemoth of a motorhome the "Performance S".

Complete with its own car "garage", the Performance S and its amenities

 (fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping quarters, custom interior and upholstery,  and a state-of-the-art entertainment system ) will make even the remotest of expeditions feel a whole hell of a lot more like home.

Ah the captain's chair, are you worthy of it is the question.

The RV offers plenty of room in the kitchen and dining areas complete with a a bar, tons of storage, and seating for 8.

Grab yourself a glass and make yourself a drink!

In the kitchen you'll find a sink, a mini-fridge,  multiple cabinets and drawers, a dishwasher, and a glass top stove.

No RV would be an RV without a toilette and a shower... what are we, savages?

Complete with a miniature "moon roof, plenty of storage,  as well as a large  window, you'll sleep like a true boss on this queen sized bed.