I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Twitch is not about games anymore. Sure, you might be able to watch a guy with no hands play Guitar Hero with his mouth, or talk smack to a guy showcasing his World of Warcraft addiction for a live audience, but the real money is in IRL.

And while IRL is a neat idea in theory, all it has turned into is a softcore version of cam girl sites. You know, destroying the whole point of such a thing, but making it easily accessible for kid who definitely shouldn't be watching girls in short shorts twerk for tips.

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Exhibit A: HelenaLive. If you know her name, you know all about how she loves waving around her Miley Cyrus body like she's Nicki Minaj. It's kind of awkward to watch, but her sheer confidence makes it hard to look away.

I guess the point is that if you enjoy spending money watching girls squat fully clothed and dance around... fully clothed, then Twitch is a great place. See for yourself:

Someone please give this chick some dance lessons.