Listen up, broke college students: This TikToker’s Chipotle hack may just change your life.

@hayleydlm took to the app recently to share her favorite trick to get more food at Chipotle, because she felt like she’s never heard anyone else talk about it. When she orders a bowl from Chipotle, she gets a normal amount of protein, but deliberately loads up on extra sides, including rice, beans, fajita veggies and lettuce, which are free.

@hayleydlm My chiptole hack! Get extra sides for free! Double amount of food for free #chipotle #chipotlehack #freefood #freefoodhack ♬ original sound - hayleydlm

Holding up a fairly large container of sides from her latest haul, Hayley explains that this equals about four meals for her, making the $9 spent on her order an excellent deal. Others in the comments questioned whether she can really stay full for long by just eating sides with no protein, to which another commenter pointed out that extra protein is only another $3, which isn’t too bad if you’re stretching out the food across several meals.

In response to one commenter lamenting that the Chipotles they frequent are stingy with sides, Hayley explains that she orders through Chipotlane, the brand’s digital order/drive-thru locations, and always gets a “mountain of food,” so that may be something to bear in mind for anyone interested in trying this hack, which isn’t a hack so much as a standard feature of Chipotle’s menu, but nevertheless.

That said, this “hack” probably won’t work for those with bigger appetites. As one commenter put it, “I slam all of that in one sitting when that’s four meals for me too lmao.”