Isabelle McGuire is a 17-year-old electrician who has become increasingly popular after posting videos on her TikTok of working as an electrician. In the time she has been on the platform she has amassed over 200,00 followers and millions of views for posting sexy videos at her job sites.

Based in Manchester, England, McGuire stated that she never thought posting about her job would get people to notice her so much. However, many people have been judging the teenager based on her vanity and questioning if she truly does a quality job as an electrician.


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She wants to bust the gender stereotype that only men are good at labor jobs and that anyone can be well suited for the work, so she plans to continue to post videos to inspire women to go for any job they want.

After McGuire's dad took her to one of his job sites, she fell in love with he work, and said that she one day aspires to be as good of an electrician as he is.


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McGuire said, "There are women who don't want a man in the house or there are women who can't have a man in the house for religious reasons. I want to be able to make women feel comfortable in their own home and help them with whatever electrician work they need to be done."

She said that she is the only girl in her class at the technical college she attends. She is at the top of her class and said that upsets some of the male students.

McGuire mentioned that it's inspiring for her to see all the positive reactions from other women wanting to get into a trade but are too nervous about the reaction from their male peers. She said she will continue to post TikToks and one day hopes to start her own electrical repair business that hires more women than men.