Everyone on the internet this week is learning more and more about the network medical drama The Good Doctor. And while everyone is Han-posting, the trans actress featured in the first viral clip of the show has come to Twitter to talk about her part of the show while owning bigots in the process.

Sophie Gianamore guest starred on The Good Doctor back in 2018 as a transgender patient that is misgendered by the autistic protagonist Dr. Sean Murphy. A clip from the show went viral on Twitter last week after being posted by right-wing posters. The clip was posted in bad faith as the episode ends with Gianamore’s character being accepted by Dr. Murphy. However, up until now, the actress from the episode has remained silent.

Gianamore dove into the discourse by updating everyone on her transition since the episode aired. She then answered another user’s question about how she felt about the episode.

“I was very young and the script is clearly outdated and not awesome (written by cis woman who had no close trans people in her life) but it came from a place of good intentions? (I hope),” she said. While the experience made her feel dysphoric, she concludes that “it is what it is.” 


Obviously, she’s been entrenched by transphobes calling her femininity into question (though some have confused her for being a cis woman).

“What does moid mean? Sorry I go outside and my dad loves me,” responds Gianamore to Terf influencer Lavender Lune, @phemoid. For the healthy and uninitiated, “moid” is a derogatory word for “man” that stems from the incel derogatory word for women, “femoid”.

“The most brutal assassination I’ve seen on here in a minute damn” one person comments with a screenshot of Gianamore’s tweet.

And for those wondering, she is team Dr. Han.