Earlier this month, author Patrick Neve took to Twitter with a truly heart-wrenching tale of air travel woe — losing his beloved peanut butter to the TSA’s bureaucratic overlords.  

“I tried to take peanut butter through airport security,” he commenced his now-viral tweet, recalling how he was told his peanut butter violated TSA’s policies surrounding “liquids, gels, or aerosols.” “I want you to tell me which of those things you think peanut butter is,” he mused.

Fifteen days and 10 million views later, Neve finally got his answer: Peanut Butter is in fact a liquid … at least in the eyes of the ever-watching TSA.

“Peanut Butter … a liquid has no definite shape and takes the shape dictated by its container,” they wrote in what appeared to be a makeshift infographic shared to Instagram Tuesday, March 28.

Despite the cutesy clarification from their social media team, TSA’s reply left more questions than answers, especially from the loyal fans of the PBJCU (peanut butter and jelly cinematic universe).

“So are jelly & jam included too?” asked one commenter, another noting how their husband learned the hard way that “Greek yogurt is also a liquid” to our favorite security overlords.

Meanwhile, others mused the logical limits of the TSA’s decree. “What about sand? Playdough? Ice?” they wrote. “So many questions.”

While we may never know the bounds of the TSA’s expertise, one thing is for certain: To paraphrase one of the post’s many commenters, “Put peanut butter into a bowl, it becomes the bowl. Put peanut butter into a cup, it becomes the cup. Be like peanut butter, my friends.”