It’s a tale as old as time — you’re out and about when suddenly, you spy a snake committing a robbery, a homicide or in the case of Rick and Morty’s Snake Hitler, a whole ass genocide. Yet, right as you’re about to arrest the offending python perp, taking them to serpent jail for their crimes against humanity and snake-manity, a terrible dilemma arises: How the fuck do you handcuff a snake?

This quandary emerged as Twitter’s latest debate earlier in the week, thanks to artist Alex Krokus, whose recent comic about a snake comedian — aka Comedy Snake — who was arrested for strangulation after joking about doing so in a stand-up (slither up?) set made the rounds on Twitter. 

Beyond musing on how Comedy Snake could have possibly committed such a heinous act, another question emerged throughout the piece’s replies — how, exactly, does one take a snake into custody?

The answer? Aside from the Snake Grabber Thingy (the tool’s very technical name we definitely didn’t just make up) often used by Animal Control personnel and Hollywood’s several iterations on the topic, several Twitter users  shared their suggestions on the matter. 

Amid the debate, Krokus took to the platform to show exactly how the authorities in his fictitious universe dealt with the snake, scowl and all — folding him in half. 

Regardless of what method you opt to put a wily snake under arrest, as @TPGRoberts astutely pointed out, one thing is absolutely certain — it requires the utmost care. Because while you might be able to sentence a snake to prison, its unwavering hold can sentence you to death.