Some dude named Ryan just got throttled on Twitter for his 'Footy Scran' photo. You read that correctly. Footy Scran is an aptly-nicknamed food or snack that can be purchased at a futbol match - a term made popular by British soccer fans. 

The meal in question is this monstrosity. 


Chips, mushy peas, and gravy. If I'm being honest, it probably looks worse than it tastes but come on. Be better, UK. The internet then had a field day.

The savagery continues...

The Alfreton Town official account then backed Ryan's photo.

But nobody was trying to hear that nonsense.

And after all was said and done, the best tweet was still to come...

Beyond accurate. I'd like to thank our boy Ryan from across the pond for this terrifying photo, and the absolute shredding he took. This is what the internet was truly made for.