An image released by the US Navy recently shows a blurry photo of multiple UFOs hovering off the coast of California. The UFOs were described as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) which had been seen for many weeks flying near the area in July 2019. 

Multiple Navy warships reported coming into contact with numerous drones around the same time. The Navy ship, USS Paul Hamilton, spotted the UAS on its radar shortly after it turned its navigation lights on. Around 8 pm on July 17, a UAS was photographed a mile away, twenty minutes later two more were spotted with one falling into the water. By 9 pm the USS Hamilton reported a "swarm" of UAS directly above the ship. Some were flying up to 70mph, the report stated.

Three other Navy ships reported drone sightings a few days earlier, stating several UAS were spotted hovering near the ship around the same time the USS Paul Hamilton reported sightings. 

One ship, the USS Kidd reported coming into contact with the drones, "The drones seem to have pursued the ships, even as they continued to maneuver throughout the incident."

The USS Russell logged nine separate encounters with the UAS, many of which hovered and "swarmed" around the ship for many hours.

The Navy's top officials, including the Chief of Naval Operations, were notified, however, none were able to identify what the drones were or where they came from. In a later investigation, it was discovered that many civilian ships were in the vicinity of the Naval fleets and could have been used as a place to pilot the drones from.